• 2016

Cargo: Power transformers АТДЦТН-125000-220-УХЛ1

Quantity: 2 units

Unit size: 7723 х 3089 х 3998 mm

Unit weight: 114,5 t

Route: Voronezh – Bystrinsky Mining and Enrichment Combine, Bystrinskaya 220kW Substation, Gazimuro-Zavodskoy District, Zabaykalsky Krai

Transportation stages:

  • Maslovka railway station (the Southeastern Railways) – Borzya railway station (The Trans-Baikal Railway): transportation by non-public railway with two 8-axle heavy-duty wagons of 120 t load capacity
  • Borzya railway station (The Trans-Baikal Railway) – Gazozavod railway station: transportation by non-public railway (without transshipment at Borzya railway station, by the same rolling stock)
  • Gazozavod railway station – Bystrinskaya 220kW Substation: by truck using 8-axle low loader

Special details: besides transportation to the substation the company installed the power transformers on the permanent foundation using rail rigging.

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