Sea and river shipments картинка

Since 2008 our company operates regular voyages from the regions of Baltic, Northern and Black Seas to the ports of Caspian Sea, and since 2011 the area was extended to regions of Barents and Kara Seas and to the Gulf of Ob.
Substantial experience of such transportations allows us to offer our Customers competitive rates for cargo handling at ports, pre-carriage to the shipping point and oncarriage to the destination. In addition, the company has a possibility to provide freight booking for sea transportations.

Our specialists implement over 100 freight transactions monthly, carrying out freights for our Customers. Our Customers are offered with special sailing services ex Russian hinterland waterway system, including visits to the ports of the Caspian, Azov, White and Baltic

Seas, as well as transit directions listed below:

  • European ports – Russian river ports
  • European ports – Caspian ports
  • European ports – St. Petersburg
  • USA – European and Russian ports
  • Far East – European and Russian ports
  • European Inland Waterways

Since 2010 our company has been actively participating in river shipping of bulk commodities. The range of cargoes is quite wide: salt, grains, fertilizers, steel, equipment, etc.
Competence of our personnel allows the company to perform river transportations almost in all regions from the North-West to the Volga-Don basin. We have experience of delivery of cargoes to river inflows and to zones without navigational signs.
Special attention should be paid to the company’s experience in operating a 1300 tons flat top barge, designed to carry heavy-weight and oversized cargoes, equipped with a ramp for ro-ro operations.

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